Kundli cold storage cluster


Cold storage is essentially a temperature-controlled supply chain network, comprising storage and distribution facilities which ensure that the temperatures of various farm products are maintained within a specified range to keep them fresh and edible for a longer period. An important cold storage cluster is located in the town of Kundli in Sonipat district (Haryana). There are about 90 cold storage facilities in Sonipat district, of which about 53 facilities are located in the Kundli area. The cold storages in this cluster were set up primarily its proximity to the farms of Haryana and Punjab as well as the consumer markets of Delhi and the National Capital Territory (NCT). Another major factor for the cluster’s establishment is the capital investment subsidy scheme (35% of project costs) of the National Horticulture Board for construction/expansion/ modernization of cold storage. Harvested produce such as fruits (apple), pulses (legume, chhole, and rajma), spices and vegetables are directly sent to the Kundli cold storages through farmers or through intermediate dealers. Some intermediate dealers/merchants also procure products from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh during the farming season; these are preserved in cold storages and sold during the off-season when there is demand for a particular product. The capacity of the cold storages in Kundli varies from 665 tonnes to 8600 tonnes.

Products manufactured

Fruit, vegetables, pulses and other farm produce preserved at low temperature

Number of MSMEs


Energy consumption


Main fuels


Production & turnover

Rs 290 crores (2.9 billion)

Total energy consumption (toe)


Leading industry association(s)

Kundli Cold Storage and Ware Housing Association (KCSWHA)

Cluster manual


Other resources

SourceData pertains to 2016–17, collected primarily under the TERI–SSEF project

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