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Awareness Workshop On 'Project Development Support On Enhancement Of Energy Efficiency Investment' On 28 September 2015 At Varanasi

TERI is executing a BEE-SIDBI-World Bank-GEF project to increase demand for energy efficiency investments and enhance access to commercial finance in Varanasi Mixed Industries Cluster. Under the project, TERI is conducting detailed energy audits and preparing IGDPRs of selected units in the cluster. TERI is also providing facilitation and implementation support to MSMEs to adopt energy efficient technologies.

An awareness workshop on 'project development support on enhancement of energy efficiency investment' was organised under the project on 28 September 2015 at MSME-Samsung Technical School, Chandpur Industrial Estate, Varanasi. The workshop was jointly organized by TERI, SIDBI in collaboration with The Small Industries Association (SIA), Chandpur Varanasi. Over 30 participants from SME industries, consultancy agencies and other organizations attended the event.

Mr Rajesh Bhatia, General Secretary, SIA welcomed the participants and other delegates to the event. He provided an overview of the activities of SIA to disseminate knowledge of energy efficiency among industries. Mr Umesh Singh, Joint Commissioner, Industries, Varanasi stressed the need for energy efficiency and conservation for industries. He referred to energy conservation as the best tool for enhancing competitiveness of MSMEs.

Mr Pawan Kumar Tiwari, Fellow, TERI provided an overview of the project and the activities being conducted at Varanasi cluster. He mentioned that though the energy conservation potential that exists in an SME unit could be identified and evaluated with the support from energy auditors, but the key is to achieve the savings through implementation. This has been made possible by the WB-GEF initiative through SIDBI. TERI provides support for energy audit studies and also gives assistance for implementation of energy efficiency projects. He urged the units to conduct energy audits and take the help of TERI for energy efficiency improvements. He highlighted activities of TERI and presented opportunities to improve energy efficiency in industries.

Mr Satish Nema, Assistant General Manager, SIDBI, Varanasi, highlighted various initiatives and schemes of SIDBI to facilitate growth of MSMEs. SIDBI has been focusing on energy efficiency activities in five major clusters with support from WB-GEF. The results of the activity have been remarkable in terms energy consumption savings and GHG emission reduction. These activities have also helped to increase the investments in energy efficient technologies. SIDBI also provided grant to some SMEs to adopt clean technologies. He requested SMEs of the cluster to take the benefit of the services under this project.

Mr Sachin Verma, SIDBI, made presentation on the achievements of the WB-GEF project in five clusters. He also shared about the videos prepared by BEE on the various energy efficient technology measures and best operating practices.

Mr Rajeev Yadav, TERI gave an overview of the work completed by TERI in three clusters namely Ankleshwar (chemical), Kolhapur (foundry) and Pune (forging). He mentioned that TERIs activities in these clusters resulted in significant energy savings and enhanced investment in energy efficient technologies. He shared some case studies from Varanasi Ankleshwar and Kolhapur clusters. During the workshop, a one page questionnaire was distributed among the participants to collect information about the SME units of the cluster. The workshop ended with a vote of thanks by Mr Anupam Nema, Treasurer, SIA.

Press release of the workshop

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