Capacity building/training programmes

The successful demonstration of an improved energy efficient technology is only the first step in the technology dissemination process. For the sustained uptake of the improved technology, it is vital that the various end users—workers, operators, and entrepreneurs in the demonstration as well as replication units—acquire a sense of ownership over the technology. This can be provided through training programmes that equip the end users with the necessary information and skills to acquire and operate the technology efficiently in the long term. This approach gives them the confidence, resourcefulness, and expertise needed to adapt and innovate on the technology, with minimal dependence on external sources.

Training and capacity building programmes thus form a vital component of interventions to promote improved energy efficient technologies. These programmes typically involve the following broad fields of activity.

  • Cluster-level workshops for entrepreneurs for generating awareness on the benefits of the improved technology and the options available to them for acquiring it.
  • On-site and classroom technical training programmes for different categories of workers/operators in best operating practices (BOPs).
  • Strengthening the technical knowledge and skills of LSPs through training programmes, so that they can meet the requirements of units that adopt the improved technology, and innovate on the technology where needed without external support.

Here are some examples of activities related to training and capacity building, undertaken by the members of SAMEEEKSHA.

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