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Inception workshop held under the ‘Scaling-up Energy Efficiency in Small Enterprises (EESE)’ project in Rajkot on 10 April 2015

TERI, in association with Rajkot Engineering Association (REA) and Institute of Indian Foundrymen (IIF), Rajkot Chapter, organized an inception workshop under the project ‘Scaling-up Energy efficiency in Small Enterprises (EESE) on 10th April 2015 in Rajkot. The three year project, which has a focus on improving the energy efficiency of small-scale foundry units in Rajkot cluster, is being undertaken by TERI with support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation (SDC).

Welcoming the participants, Mr. Gokulbhai Sagapariya, President, REA thanked TERI and SDC for bringing the project to Rajkot foundry cluster and appealed to the foundry unit owners to come forward and actively participate in the project activities. He also mentioned how TERI has helped to facilitate new Common Facility Center (Rajkot Engineering Testing and Research Center) in Rajkot.

Mr. Jignesh Patel, Hon. Secretary, IIF (Western Region) in his address emphasized that energy savings is the need of the hour and spoke about the long association between IIF Rajkot Chapter and TERI especially in the area of energy efficient divided blast cupola in the cluster.

Mr. Girish Sethi, Director, Industrial Energy Efficiency Division, TERI mentioned the activities of TERI and thanked REA for their past cooperation. He said that TERI has been working in the Rajkot for the past 10 years. The enthusiastic nature of entrepreneurs and willingness to implement new ideas has made TERI to choose this cluster again for major thrust under the new EESE project.

Mr. Daniel Ziegerer, Director of Cooperation, Embassy of Switzerland, SDC, mentioned that SDC has been working in India for more than 50 years and in the energy field for over 20 years. He highlighted the importance of improving energy efficiency among MSMEs and the need to associate with industry associations at the cluster level. He expressed his gratitude to REA and IIF, Rajkot chapter for providing a platform to the TERI- SDC project. He mentioned that investments in new efficient technologies may involve some risk and therefore market leaders are needed who are willing to take risks so that other units in the cluster can then follow.

Dr. Anand Shukla, Senior Thematic Advisor- Energy, SDC, appealed to the unit owners to participate actively in this project. A project office has been established in REA so that the units can regularly interact with TERI professionals and take their help to improve their energy efficiency. He urged TERI and REA to not only complete the planned activities in the next three years, but also to work towards developing new areas of cooperation for the future. He mentioned that SDC will consider giving appreciation certificates to the foundry units that successfully implement the energy efficiency measures recommended in the energy audits.

Mr. Prosanto Pal, TERI gave an overview of the various activities initiated by TERI in Rajkot cluster over the past 10 years. He also mentioned that energy audit and implementation support will be provided by TERI, free of cost, under the project to a large number of foundry units in the cluster.

Mr. E Nandgopal, TERI presented some of the common energy conservation measures which are likely to emerge from the energy audits. He also briefed the participants about the expectations from the foundry units and the information required to be shared by them during the energy audits.

The presentations were followed by an interactive question and answer session. Participants asked a number of questions including how much energy saving can a foundry anticipate, how foundry would identify if equipment is energy efficient or not, how quantification of the savings will be done, how the verification of the exact energy savings would be done. There were few questions on funding for implementing identified energy conservation measures and new technologies. The technical questions were answered individually and the schemes for financing of energy efficiency at MSME were also elaborated.

Mr. Samir Monpara, Chairman, IIF, Rajkot Chapter, gave the vote of thanks.

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