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Sustainability/conservation of natural resource

Low energy efficiency in the MSME sector implies excessive and unsustainable use of India's limited fossil fuel reserves, as well as more rapid degradation of natural resources—air, water, soil, and forests. For instance, burning coal in an inefficient furnace leads to wastage of substantial quantities of useful heat. This not only means increased production cost, but also that more coal than required is being extracted for use by the concerned MSME. Overall, this translates into unsustainable use of coal reserves, as well as increased degradation of land and pollution of water bodies and the atmosphere during the mining, refining, and transport of coal.

Energy efficiency improvement in the Indian MSME sector can help in reducing the overall consumption of non-renewable natural resources like coal and oil, as well as contribute to protection of natural resources like air, water, and soil, by improving the energy efficiency of the existing (low efficiency) fossil fuel-based technologies and by replacing the existing fossil fuel-based technologies with energy efficient options based on renewable energy sources like wind and solar, and sustainable biomass-based technologies.

Here are a few examples of the initiatives undertaken by the members of SAMEEEKSHA aimed at sustainable use and/or conservation of natural resources such as fossil fuels, through the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy options in the Indian MSME sector.

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