Karnal rice mills cluster (Haryana)


Karnal, located north of Delhi in the state of Haryana, is called the rice bowl of India and is famous for the production of the long-grain, aromatic basmati rice. Rice milling is one of the major industries in Karnal as well as in rest of Haryana. Karnal has a cluster of about 178 operating rice mills, most of them MSMEs. About 150 rice mills are engaged in the production of parboiled rice, as well as small quantities (about 10%) of raw rice. The remaining 28 are ‘hulling’ units that produce only raw rice. The important by-products from rice mills include husk (23%) and bran (9%). Husk in parboiled rice mills is used in-house as boiler fuel and the bran is sold for further processing. Almost 90% of the cluster’s energy requirement comes in the form of thermal energy from burning husk (241,936 toe out of 268,921 toe); the remaining 26,985 toe comes from grid electricity.

Products manufactured

Parboiled rice, raw rice, bran

Number of MSME


Energy consumption


Main fuels

Husk; electricity

Total energy consumption (toe)

268,921 toe (husk-241,936 toe; electricity-26,985 toe)

Leading industry association(s)

Energy efficiency initiatives

Advancing Energy Efficiency in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector in India

Cluster manual


Other resources

MSME-Development Institute, Karnal - http://www.msmedikarnal.gov.in/

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