Indore dal mills cluster (Madhya Pradesh)


India is the largest producer and consumer of pulses (dals) in the world, contributing around 25–28% of the total global production. Some well-known dals are pigeon pea (toor or arhar dal), chick pea (chana dal), and lentil (masoor dal). Dals are procured from farmers and processed in dal mills for end- consumers. The main processing operations include de-husking, splitting, cleaning, sorting, and packing. The city of Indore has an important cluster of about 100 dal mills in the MSME category. Their annual production capacities vary from 5000–20,000 tonnes.


Products manufactured

Processed dals (pulses)

Number of MSME


Energy consumption


Main fuels

Electricity; wood

Annual Production

540,000 tpa

Total energy consumption (toe)

4240 toe (electricity-1926 toe; wood-2314 toe)

Leading industry association(s)

  • All India Dal Mill Association (AIDMA) -
  • Association of Pulses Manufacturers, Madhya Pradesh

Energy efficiency initiatives

Advancing Energy Efficiency in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector in India

Cluster manual

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