Solapur textile cluster (Maharashtra)


The city of Solapur, in Maharashtra, hosts a textile industry cluster that is famous for its cotton bed sheets (chaddars) and towels. There are about 600 units in the cluster; of these, around 350 units are of ‘integrated’ type, with all the facilities for processing the raw material (cotton yarn) to the final product, while the remaining 250 units have only weaving facilities, i.e., power looms.

Products manufactured

Cotton bed sheets (chaddars) and towels

Number of MSMEs


Main fuels

Wood and biomass; Electricity

Production & turnover

162 million metres of fabric annually

Total energy consumption (toe)


Leading industry association(s)

  • Textile Development Foundation (TDF)
  • Power Looms Association (PLA)

Energy efficiency initiatives

BEE-SME Program

Cluster profile

Other resources

Source: Data pertains to 2010-11, collected primarily under the BEE-SME program

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